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Globe-Trotter Elephant Family

Globe-Trotter’s New Collection Celebrates Human-Wildlife Coexistence

Globe-Trotter’s Elephant Family luggage range focuses on the beloved elephant.

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The British company, Globe-Trotter, is world-renowned for its distinguished designs and luggage construction. The luggage company is partnering with International Non-Governmental Organization (NGO), Elephant Family, whose mission is to protect Asia’s natural landscapes and wildlife. Globe-Trotter has produced a special luggage range to celebrate this partnership. Globe-Trotter Elephant Family is designed to show the much-beloved Asian species, the elephant, paying homage to ‘Elephant John,’ whose modern cousins are currently facing myriad threats from human-wildlife conflict.

This beautiful set of luggage, with an outer layer of vulcanized fiberboard in cloud grey, has a photo on the lining of the luggage lid of a herd of elephants traversing the landscape, entitled ‘A Cup of Rosie Lee’ by Rebecca Campbell. Globe-Trotter is proud to donate a portion of each sale back to the Elephant Family organization to continue their conservation work. This work promotes the peaceful coexistence between wildlife and humans who share the same space. Each piece of luggage features polished chrome hardware, tonal leather trim, and comes with a bright green Elephant Family recycled leather luggage tag. The collection comes with four different sizes of bags, ensuring travelers are covered no matter how much they need to pack on their next adventure.

There is no better collaboration Globe-Trotter could imagine than to partner with Elephant Family. This storied organization has funded over 180 conservation projects, since 2002, leading grassroots and environmental conservation projects all over Asia. These projects work to expand protected areas, reconnect fragmented forest habitats, and support the livelihoods of rural communities, all to create a peaceful coexistence between humans and wildlife.

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