The Norda Toolbox Is The World’s First Duffel Bag Made Entirely Of Bio-Dyneema® - IMBOLDN
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Norda Toolbox Duffel

The Norda Toolbox Is The World’s First Duffel Bag Made Entirely Of Bio-Dyneema®

This duffel is set to become a staple in your adventure gear collection.

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Montreal-based brand Norda has made a strong impression on the running space in recent years with a striking selection of sneakers and accessories for dedicated athletes. Now, they’ve turned their attention to bags, releasing the new Norda Toolbox Duffel and bringing their reputation for durability and style to a new product.

Reflecting its footwear’s adaptability and appealing style, the Norda Toolbox Duffel draws inspiration from the sleek lines of Porsche’s 911 sportscar and impressively versatile functionality. Indeed, this combination of durability, made possible through bio-Dyneema and adaptable spaciousness, has led the Norda Toolbox Duffel to be dubbed the “Toolbox.”

Available in a white and black combination, the Norda Toolbox Duffel has internal compartments for everything from spare clothes and sneakers to drink bottles and other important running accessories. Featuring a handy backpack strap for ease of carrying, it’s an exceptionally lightweight bag up to fifteen times stronger than the equivalent steel weight.

This gives the Norda Toolbox Duffel the same bulletproof-life durability as their prized running shoes, with a similar aesthetic approach that keeps it in line with their brand style. Like their sneakers, the Norda Toolbox Duffel is padded and constructed for optimal resistance to wear and tear, even in the harshest of track and trail running conditions.  While the full details of the new Norda Toolbox Duffel have yet to be announced, it will be released on June 18, so you won’t have to wait long for the chance to purchase what sounds like one tough duffel bag.

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