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RIMOWA Mars & Mercury Collection

RIMOWA Introduces The Mars & Mercury Collection

Inspired by the planets Mars and Mercury, RIMOWA adds two new exciting colorways to the brand’s iconic luggage collection.

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German luggage brand, RIMOWA, has introduced two new colorways that have been added to several of the most popular cases from the RIMOWA range. Inspired by far-off destinations, the Mars & Mercury Collection adds two stunning new colors to its collection: A vibrant Mars Orange and a very understated Mercury Grey. Both colors work well together as a mix ‘n’ match selection as they nicely complement each other. Mercury Grey and Mars Orange are available in RIMOWA’s ‘Original Cabin’ case. The brand’s ‘Trunk Plus’ is offered in only Mars Orange, as well as the traditional colors. the ‘Check In L’ case is now being offered in Mercury Grey.

Made of gleaming high-end aluminum with its distinctive grooves, the entire RIMOWA Collection is designed with longevity in mind. Each case is created with high-end anodized aluminum and is surprisingly lightweight. The small carry on or cabin sizes are perfect for a weekend getaway or short business trip. The larger sizes within the collection are designed for maximum capacity. Travelers can expect to fit two weeks’ worth of traveling necessities within the trunks, which are designed to mimic the classic design of old traveling trunks with a modern twist. RIMOWA is offering a limited edition Space Sticker Set that features glow-in-the-dark and metallic effect stickers for a distinct retro-meets-futuristic look.

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