RIMOWA Attaché Gold

Elevate Your In-Flight Experience With The RIMOWA Attaché Gold

The leather-lined interior of the 15.5 by 18.3-inch German-made carry-all carefully secures up to 7.49 lbs of contents.

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$ 1,800

RIMOWA reimagines one of their standards with a design that exudes an aura of aurum. The aluminum outer shell of the RIMOWA Attaché Gold is cast in an extravagant colorway that would make Midas blush. Re-envisioned to make a bold statement, this piece still features the same cornerstones of the original design. From its polished finish to the grooves that give this piece its unmistakable look, the latest Attaché is clasped with a metallic combination lock that makes it every bit as functional as it is fashionable.

The Italian leather lining gives this piece of luggage an interior that is every bit as luxurious as its gold-clad exterior. The German-made carry-all is 15.5 by 18.3 inches to carefully secure up to 7.49 lbs of contents. This incarnation of the luggage gives a lavish touch to a RIMOWA staple.