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Globe-Trotter x Aston Martin Formula One

Globe-Trotter and the Aston Martin Formula One Team Sign a Long-Term Agreement

Two iconic British companies join forces to create new lines of handcrafted, high-performance luggage.

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Noted luxury luggage company Globe-Trotter recently signed a long-term partnership agreement with the Aston Martin Aramco Cognizant Formula One™ Team (AMF1). The expectation is future lines of performance-oriented and aesthetically gorgeous luggage, as impressive as an Aston Martin sports car.

The goal of the collaboration is to honor both companies’ commitment to heritage, groundbreaking design, and the highest level of craftsmanship. Travelers can expect high-end luggage with a sophisticated, timeless style and Globe-Trotter’s signature durability.

AMF1’s Commercial and Marketing Managing Director Jefferson Slack explained the company is eager to work alongside the legendary luggage brand, another British icon. The two share a lot in common, including company values and perpetual world travel. Slack commented that the companies are already exploring ideas to enhance luggage lines with Formula One engineering concepts.

Both brands have strong fanbases. The mission is to create carefully-crafted, timeless, and elegant products that excite fans of AMF1 and Globe-Trotter. Little has been released in the way of imagery, but the Globe-Trotter website does display two pieces of luggage in the AMF1 team’s signature dark green color. Fans of the Formula One team and Globe-Trotter can sign up to receive email updates on the partnership via the Globe-Trotter website.

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