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Moln Hardshell Suitcase

Moln Presents Its Hardshell Suitcase Line

Moln conducts rigorous endurance tests on all its luggage pieces.

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Offering durable hardshell suitcases with luxurious leather accents, Moln will become the new favorite luggage of avid travelers worldwide. Based out of Japan, the new Moln Hardshell Suitcase line comes in three different sizes, with multiple colors, and offers elegant styling with high-quality materials and parts that are tough enough to last for years.

The integrated fabric and hardshell pairing help set these suitcases apart, introducing a long-lasting option for stylish travel. The suitcases are designed with a rugged hard case shell and feature a modern leather front panel. The leather is crafted from synthetic leather, making it resistant to stains and water. The Moln Hardshell Suitcase line comes in three sizes: a small 34L suitcase, a Small+ 36L bag, and a Large 92L option. All three size options go through a rigorous battery of tests, pushing the materials, wheels, handle, and frame to their limits.

The new luxury suitcases from Japan feature Hinomoto wheels, providing silent movement. For comfortable transport, the telescoping handle can be locked at any height. Convenient interior pockets and panels help keep travelers organized, while additional packing cube accessories are available separately. The Small+ version of the Moln Hardshell Suitcase features a padded laptop pocket, perfect for easy and convenient accessibility. The Moln line is set to change the notion that luggage is a consumable product and instead encourages people to invest in long-term luggage. While these suitcases are made with high-quality, durable materials, they are also eligible for ongoing repairs.

The Moln Hardshell Suitcase collection is available from stores in Japan or online and qualifies for international shipping. The Small suitcase is $498, the Small+ bag is $561, and the large version of the Moln Hardshell Suitcase is priced at $697.

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