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Vocier P55 Carry-on Luggage

Presenting The Vocier P55 Carry-On Luggage

The P55 Weighs in at just under 8 pounds, with 37 liters of capacity.

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$ 321

Vocier designs high-end travel gear to last a lifetime. The company recently unveiled the Vocier P55 Carry-on Luggage, offering weekend convenience. What’s more, it has the durability to rely on for thousands of miles of travel each year. Vocier says they combined aesthetics, maneuverability, and durability to create a carry-on worthy of their luggage collection. The P55 Carry-on Luggage features IATA size compliant luggage with thoughtful organization, 360° steel-bearing spinner wheels, and an aluminum 3-stop telescopic handle. It boasts classic elements with a modern twist, including leather strap detailing, high-end YKK polished metal zippers, and a lightweight and scratch-resistant structured polycarbonate shell to withstand harsh travel conditions.

Michael Kogelnik and Vinzent Wuttke designed the Vocier P55 Carry-on Luggage to keep clothes wrinkle-free. Kogelnik says he uses his years of experience designing clothes and bags to create travel gear that is highly functional and also elegant. Wuttke helped him launch the company, and the team has gone on to win multiple design awards for their luggage and accessories. Vocier wants their customers to know they don’t just churn out products. Instead, they focus on their employees, customers, and a commitment to continuously improve their innovative travel gear collection.

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