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Globe-Trotter Safari Carry-On

Globe-Trotter Launches The Safari Carry-On

The perfect carry-on for a long weekend or business trip.

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$ 2,195

An on-the-go companion has never looked so good. The Globe-Trotter Safari Carry-On exudes a distinctly fresh and fashionable quality, with hints of vintage style inspiring its distinctive design. It is beautifully defined, with a sensible fiberboard body that withstands everything from a minor airport ding to a more complex tumble with grace. The corners are outfitted in handsome leather while matching leather handles lend the piece its well-rounded appearance. Offering plentiful space for three or four complete outfits, this stylish carry-on is ideal for a much-needed weekend getaway or an impromptu business trip.

Its inherent style lends it a certain corporate appeal, making it ideal for those important trips that call for suits and your finest attire. Most importantly, the smart Globe-Trotter Safari Carry-On is designed to meet the carry-on measurement requirements of most major airlines. The combination of natural leather, gold stud work, and smooth brown leather is sharp, yet soft and approachable. It is the antithesis of the classic black bag, offering the benefits of neutrality while providing a pop of eye-catching style that sets it apart from its fellow suitcases. It glides smoothly on four wheels, providing a simple and easy trek through a crowded airport or train station — just what any busy traveler could possibly want from their travel gear.

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