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LUCA Terra Low

LUCA Presents The New Terra Low

Handcrafted in Portugal, LUCA uses some of the best and most comfortable materials in the world.

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Comfort doesn’t always come easy. It takes some legwork, for example, to find the perfect pair of shoes. The LUCA Terra Low puts an end to every man’s search for footwear that feels just as phenomenal as it looks. This smart and handsome shoe is a relative newcomer. Known for its distinctive approach to design, LUCA commits to sustainable practices and uses a variety of natural materials to create its styles. The Terra Low is a dream for anyone who appreciates sporty style but prefers the refined image of something a little more polished. Think of this as the best of both worlds: It is at once well-coiffed thanks to its sleek suede upper, yet it exudes a laid-back vibe thanks to its rubber sole.

Like a dressed-up sneaker, it has an edge about it. It is at home with a pair of jeans, a pair of khakis, and potentially even a pair of dress pants. That sort of versatility alone sets it apart from the rest, making it a viable contender for shoe of the year. For the eco-conscious, there is the promise of doing something right with every step. The outsoles are made with raw rubber harvested from French trees. What’s more, just like the finest bag taking on the lushest patina with age, the gum rubber outsole will transform over time and take on a darker finish. It is a special perk that only makes these subtle yet highly fashionable shoes that much more appealing.

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