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Horizn Studios Circle One

Horizn Studios Presents Its BioX Circle One Plant-Based Rolling Luggage

BioX is the brand’s patented hard-shell innovation that is 100% plant-based and biodegradable, featuring a multi-density flax weave.

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$ 835

Founded in 2015 as Europe’s first direct-to-consumer brand within the travel industry, Horizn Studios began with a bang and is still going strong. Their most recent release, the Horizn Studios Circle One line presents a unique approach to travel luggage with its efforts at sustainability and nods to increased attention to environmental impact. Horizn Studios Co-founder Stefan Holwe said the following about the brand’s philosophy: “Since day one, when we first started to work on providing next-generation travelers with a travel wardrobe that lasts forever, we have continuously worked on reducing environmental impact.”

Now, the soon-to-be-released Horizn Studios Circle One has been labeled a “game-changer when it comes to material science innovation.” This is due to the luggage being vegan-friendly and fully biodegradable with a light shell, weighing less than aluminum but offering more sustainability than polycarbonate. It also happens to be more eco-friendly than any other luggage line in the industry. Sustainability is vastly important because as mentioned by Stephan Holwe, “the most eco-friendly product is one you have to buy only once.” It is this commitment to sustainability and environmentally friendly materials and production methods that set Horizon Studios Circle One apart from the rest in its class.

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