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Naim Mu-so Wood Edition

Dressed In Sustainable Ayous Hardwood, Naim Launches Its Mu-so Wood Edition

The Wood Edition can be used to wirelessly stream a huge range of music services, with control provided by using the Naim smartphone app.

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$ 2,290

People who don’t own a physical collection of movies, TV shows, or music because they subscribe to streaming services are accustomed to getting their entertainment on the go. Unfortunately, the speakers built into smartphones and laptops don’t compare with earbuds. But listening only with headphones or earbuds all day can become bothersome. Now, a new, sleekly designed wireless speaker called the Naim Mu-so Wood Edition has hit the shelves. It features Naim’s music streaming platform, which interfaces with services including Apple Music, Qobuz, Spotify, and TIDAL.  Apple AirPlay, Bluetooth, and Chromecast all connect with Naim’s latest offering.

The minimalist design of the Naim Mu-so Wood Edition incorporates aluminum and ayous wood. Also referred to as “obeche,” ayous is a sustainable wood that is the color of pale straw. Ayous is prized by designers for use in everything from sculptures to furniture as well as serving as a veneer for plywood interiors. Naim makes the most of this attractive hardwood by treating it and then lacquering it multiple times over until it resembles oak. The iconic Mu-so heatsink also features a new anodized aluminum tint, with the speaker finished with a neutral-toned, woven front speaker grille. Since it is a portable music player, Naim built-in “multiroom music” capability, where the Room Compensation feature adjusts the audio output so it sounds perfect whether the listener is in, say, the kitchen or the bedroom.

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