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Teenage Engineering OB–4

Teenage Engineering’s New OB-4 Promises To Be More Than Just A Wireless Speaker

This wireless speaker not only has a sleek design, but has a handful of unique features.

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$ 599+

Swedish electronics maker, Teenage Engineering, just introduced perhaps their most intriguing product yet with the OB-4, a rewindable radio and speaker system. The OB-4 delivers crisp sounds up to 100 decibels with 2 4-inch bass drivers and two neodymium tweeters. An intentionally minimal interface lets you listen to FM radio or your content via Bluetooth or line input. This tool gives you plenty of cool features, including the ability to create endless looping, instant radio rewind or time-stretch functionalities. Fill the room for up to 72 hours of listening without charging with 8 hours of sound at maximum volume.

Beneath the hood there’s all the functionality and power you demand. It supports high-def Bluetooth classic or low-energy standards and works with ortho remote for volume control. There’s a smart antenna embedded in the handle and three prototype features – ambient (drone-generated radio snippets), metronome (up to 800 beats per minute) and karma (a 30-in-1 mantra box). Use the iconic handle to carry your beats anywhere and the hand-marked leather carrying bag made by Bill Amberg Studio. The Teenage Engineering OB-4 has a frequency range of 52-25,000 Hz and is 9.2 x 11.2 x 2.3 inches with a weight of 3.7 pounds. It will be shipping in the November timeframe.