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RIMOWA Desert-Inspired Essential Collection 

The Mojave Desert Inspired The Latest Collection From RIMOWA

Original colorways of Desert Rose and Cactus give the RIMOWA Desert-Inspired Essential Collection a vibrant pastel aesthetic.

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The cascading sand in the barren landscape of the desert provides a canvas that brings focus to the colors that complement its landscape. The cloudless sky gives added emphasis to the fluidity of the transitioning colors brought forth by the sunset while the ubiquitous tone of the sand adds contrast to the sun worn shades of green basking the fauna sparsely scattered throughout the expansive landscape. That imagery is the inspiration behind the RIMOWA Desert-Inspired Essential Collection. Each piece of luggage is available in Desert Rose or Cactus colorways, taken from the palette of the Mojave Desert.

The luggage does more than draw upon that rugged look, it’s durably-made to withstand any excursion. A matching handle, zipper, wheel housing, and badge fortify each piece of luggage while reinforcing the design principle of the collection. The monochromatic colorways add emphasis to the subdued yet vibrant shades taken from the inspiration behind this collection.