Moncler x RIMOWA Reflection Luggage Collection

Personalize Your Luggage With A Programmable LED Screen

A removable screen available in the Moncler x RIMOWA Reflection Luggage Collection makes each case stand out in luggage claim.

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The time for showing the world what you think is now. With the Moncler x RIMOWA Reflection Luggage Collection, you can tailor your luggage to suit your mood or needs. With a removable LED screen that connects to your phone via the Reflection mobile app, you can adjust your text to tell the world what you think. 

This durable and stylish luggage is striking with an all-aluminum case that makes it super lightweight. The handle and locks are matte black providing a stark contrasting style. The LED screen is reminiscent of the ticker tape displays you see in many airport lounges and boarding zones. This case is sturdy with reinforced corners with rivets that will not tear or break free as you run down the concourse. The extra security features keep your luggage safe when it takes the rough ride on the carousel.