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Leica LUX Mobile App

Leica’s LUX Mobile App Transforms Your iPhone Into A Veritable Leica Camera

Designed to bring professional-grade photography capabilities to your iPhone.

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Leica’s loyal user base has long been attracted to the brand’s unique lenses, characterized by rich, vibrant colors and smooth, creamy bokeh. The release of the Leica LUX Mobile App for iPhone looks set to bring this iconic aesthetic to a new generation of photography enthusiasts, replicating the signature style of Leica lenses, from the Summilux-M 28 mm f/1.4 ASPH to the Noctilux-M 50 mm f/1.2 ASPH.

Utilizing Leica’s proprietary image processing engine, the Leica LUX Mobile App presents a series of film presets and color gradations that capture the creative range of Leica lenses. Options include Leica Contemporary, Leica Black and White, and Leica Classic, which are easy to use and designed to appeal to entry-level photographers without deterring seasoned professionals.

It features an accessible automatic mode for quick results and manual controls for adjusting a range of parameters, such as shutter speed and exposure compensation, for more creative applications. Leica LUX incorporates the latest machine learning to enhance its appeal as a tool for artistic expression and recreate the iconic look of the brand’s M lenses.

The Leica LUX Mobile App represents the manufacturer’s attempt to reposition itself as a leader in the smartphone photography market. Marius Eschweiler, Vice President of Business Unit Mobile, Leica Camera AG, stated, “Customers will benefit from the combined expertise of two innovation leaders who have bundled their core competencies to open up new creative capabilities in smartphone photography.”

Released in a Freemium model, the Leica LUX App’s free version includes Automatic Photo mode and the Aperture Mode along with five Leica looks, while the Pro edition unlocks the full suite of manual controls and the complete range of looks.

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