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The James Brand's Barnes Carbon Fiber + Damasteel

The James Brand Unleashes The New Carbon Fiber & Damasteel Barnes

The very first integral design for The James Brand.

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$ 1,349

The James Brand began manufacturing high-precision pocket knives and accessories for outdoor enthusiasts in 2012. It brought together a team of experienced designers to create products using premium materials and a minimalist design aesthetic.

Its latest release, The James Brand’s Barnes Carbon Fiber + Damasteel knife, takes its core motivation to the next level, showcasing its talent for sophistication and simplicity. Representing the company’s first fully integrated design, the Barnes Carbon Fiber + Damasteel knife earns its high price tag thanks to the use of solid titanium billet, machined to precision and combined with hardwearing and durable German Böhler M390 stainless steel.

Its titanium framelock has been CNC-machined for the ultimate in precision, reducing the number of moving parts to minimize the necessity for maintenance. The 3.5-inch stainless steel blade’s M390 construction is a first for The James Brand. It runs on a stainless steel pivot and ceramic bearings and is finished with a CNC-machined titanium clip for secure storage.

The result is an outstanding knife with superior smooth performance and action, finished with The James Brand’s first-ever coin design in homage to the tradition of never giving a knife as a gift without exchanging the coin. The apex of the brand’s achievements to date, The James Brand’s Barnes Carbon Fiber + Damasteel has a paracord lanyard for a comprehensive package discerning wood crafters and outdoor enthusiasts will likely cherish. The Barnes Carbon Fiber + Damasteel is limited to just 19 pieces.

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