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Invoxia Minitailz

Invoxia Launches Minitailz, An AI Wearable That Monitors Your Pet’s Health

Minitailz can monitor for anomalies in pet behavior that can be indicative of a problem.

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Most pet owners are prepared to invest in the best possible accessories to keep their beloved pets safe and sound. The use of GPS tracking technology in pet microchips represented a significant development in the field of pet safety and security. The launch of the new GPS tracker for dogs, the Invoxia Minitailz tracker, represents a new turning point in the evolution of this technology, giving dog owners peace of mind. First revealed at the 2024 CES Show in Las Vegas, the Minitailz comes highly recommended by established veterinarians and delivers medical-grade accuracy.

In addition to providing an accurate GPS location of your pet in the event it’s lost or stolen, the Minitailz also combines a range of health-related monitoring tools. Resting-state heart and breathing rates are measured with data indicating the overall health status of your dog and can be used for flagging early sights of issues such as heart failure before it’s too late.

By using artificial intelligence to perform diagnostics, the Minitailz is also able to give pet owners a detailed breakdown of their activities and general well-being. Long-term use and the collection of data and behaviors further refine the power and utility afforded by the Minitailz tracking system.

Easily fitted onto most brands of dog collars and with a smartphone app for real-time monitoring, the Invoxia Minitailz GPS tracking device comes with a complete installation guide and a USB-C charging cable for instant use. A dog version of the Minitailz is available as of now on Invoxia’s website, with the cat model set to launch in March 2024. Both versions are priced at $99, with a subscription fee that starts at $8.30 per month.

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