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Ethimo Out-Fit Outdoor Gym

Embrace Outdoor Wellness With Ethimo Out-Fit Outdoor Gym

This outdoor gym comes fully equipped for your daily exercise routine.

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The Ethimo Out-Fit Outdoor Gym is a stunning fusion of fitness and relaxation designed for your backyard. Crafted by Studio Adolini for Ethimo, this outdoor gym brings the gym experience to the serene embrace of nature. This innovative fitness space combines the beauty of rust-colored metal with the warmth of teak wood to create an inviting haven for outdoor exercise and wellness.

Measuring 7.8’ x 7.8’, the Out-Fit Outdoor Gym is designed to seamlessly integrate into any outdoor environment, whether it’s a lush garden, a rooftop terrace, or a tranquil holiday retreat. Its cube-shaped structure mirrors the elegance of luxurious four-poster lounge beds found on private beaches worldwide. The ethos behind Out-Fit is to promote holistic well-being by encouraging outdoor workouts amidst nature’s embrace, fostering a healthier mind and body.

The gym is equipped with essential fitness elements, including a punching bag, a classic bench, and a durable outdoor-proof faux leather mat. Wooden rings and an elastic band complete the exercise package. What’s particularly clever is how the design maximizes space, allowing the incorporation of monkey bars, a ladder, and parallel bars while leaving room to use the bench as a meditation platform. The Ethimo Out-Fit Outdoor Gym is the brainchild of Studio Adolini, known for its award-winning designs in various fields, including bathroom accessories and historic renovations. This project marks its debut in outdoor furniture design and draws inspiration from classic gym equipment to provide a holistic fitness and relaxation experience in the great outdoors.

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