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Moss Echo

Moss Echo By Moss Lab: The Smart Device With A Natural Twist

Discover the perfect fusion of nature and technology.

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$ 179+

In a world where nature and technology often seem at odds, Moss Lab has achieved the impossible with the Moss Echo. This innovative device seamlessly combines shrubbery and silicon, offering a smart display, speaker, alarm clock, and air purifier—all enhanced by a living wall of moss.

The Moss Echo stands out with its unique design. The front facade features a vibrant moss wall, the plant responsible for producing 30% of our oxygen. When powered on, an LED screen lights up through the moss, displaying the time, acting as an alarm clock, and functioning as a Bluetooth speaker. This fusion of nature and tech provides a holistic solution for modern living.

More than just a pretty face, the Moss Echo’s moss serves as a powerful natural air purifier. Its tiny structures absorb pollutants efficiently, releasing clean air and filling your space with a calming natural scent. The Moss Echo promotes relaxation and mental clarity, ideal for the bedroom, living room, or workspace.

Moss Echo’s companion app enhances its functionality, allowing you to play soothing nature sounds with matching visualizations on the display. You can set a sleep mode, which gradually lowers the audio before turning off, perfect for a peaceful night’s sleep.

The device’s LEDs utilize proprietary light pole technology to boost the moss’s photosynthesis by 20%, making it an efficient air cleaner. The interactive LED screen reacts when you mist the moss with the included smart sprayer, showing various graphics and bringing the moss to life.

The Moss Echo starts at $179 for a single unit and ships globally. It is more than a smart device; it’s a revolutionary blend of natural beauty and modern technology designed to improve your environment and well-being.

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