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Moss Air

Moss Air Transforms Air Purification

A natural air purifier that’s drastically smaller than the robotic machines consumers are used to.

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Air purification wasn’t much of an interesting topic until Moss Air. This unique air purification unit brings nature into the home while saying “adios” to dry air. Humidifiers have been making dry homes and climates more comfortable for decades, but Moss Air enhances the air purification and dehumidifying process.

Nature has been purifying air since the beginning of time. It’s only practical that humans harness nature’s unique power to improve the air quality in their homes, and ultimately, their overall well-being. Moss Air uses the purifying qualities of a plant the company calls a “green lung.” This single plant alone has roughly 12,000 species, making it a talking point in the home in addition to purifying your air.

The device generates a mist that humidifies the room when the user wants. The opening is also easy to close with a magnetic ball when desired for less mist and humidification. The most desirable quality of the Moss Air is its aesthetic. Like plants and other greenery, it adds to the beauty of your home rather than taking away from it like other machine-like dehumidifiers. It’s small, sleek, and stunning.

The nighttime LED light adds charm in the evening, while terrarium mode brings the moss to life. It’s a living item that makes dehumidification more beautiful and natural, enhancing the owner’s breathing, their home, and their life. Moss Air is available for purchase on INDIEGOGO starting at $79 with an expected delivery date of January 2024.

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