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Aston Martin x J.Laverack .1R

Aston Martin x J.Laverack  .1R  Road Bike Is “Boltless” With Made-to-Fit Handlebars

A road bike built like a bespoke Aston Martin.

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Aston Martin has joined forces with J.Laverack Bicycles to create a bespoke bike for those who appreciate the finer, faster things in life. This Aston Martin-inspired bicycle gives riders the same experience as ordering a custom supercar. J.Laverack defines the Aston Martin x J.Laverack  .1R as “The world’s most bespoke, most advanced and most meticulously engineered road bike.” 

The lightweight road bike features a host of advanced and luxurious parts to match the quality of the British GT cars that inspired it. The Aston Martin x J.Laverack .1R features a hand-built titanium frame. Finished in herringbone-patterned carbon fiber, just like the Aston Martin Valkyrie. Moreover, the handlebars are fabricated to the rider’s exact measurements for a tailored fit.

The Aston Martin x J. Laverack .1R is also the world’s first “boltless” bicycle with no visible bolts, screws, or hardware. Plus, integrated brake calipers, machined from a single block of high-strength aluminum with four titanium pistons. The wheels feature weight-saving materials like titanium lugs and carbon fiber tubes. Moreover, the saddle is hand-stitched leather, and there are available Alcantara options for the handlebars. The result of all this effort is a road bike that weighs less than 17 pounds.

Ordering one of these premium cycles involves spending a half-day at Aston Martin HQ getting fitted for the bike. Here, the bike’s construction revolves around your measurements like a finely tailored suit. Naturally, the price of this supercar-inspired road bike is on a need-to-know basis. So, if you fancy a bike to match your Aston, check out J.Laverack’s site to configure your own.

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