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John Goldberger’s 'A Journey Into the Deep'

‘A Journey Into the Deep’: The Genesis Of Rolex’s Dive Watches

‘A Journey Into the Deep’ offers a colorful chronology of Rolex’s diving watches.

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There is no shortage of gorgeously illustrated books for horologists who explore the rich history and evolution of their favorite timepieces. John Goldberger’s A Journey Into the Deep from the luxury booksellers HODINKEE is the latest addition to this rapidly expanding bibliography of definitive volumes.

Weighing in at a hefty 16 pounds and covering 132 pages, A Journey Into the Deep is a beautifully produced book that exhaustively examines the line of dive watches from iconic watchmaker Rolex. Rolex Submariners have been consistently sought by watch collectors and are among the best investments for long-term returns.

With an evident passion for the subject, A Journey Into the Deep begins with the origins of the dive watch in 1953, exploring the genesis of the iconic Rolex Submariner in detail. He then takes the reader on a comprehensive journey outlining the evolution of the design over subsequent years, with informative facts and fascinating complementary anecdotes.

With over 400 photographs supporting the text, A Journey Into the Deep is a thorough reference guide for any Rolex collector or general watch enthusiast interested in how Rolex’s designs have changed over the years. It also features a practical quick reference guide breaking down the complete lineage of the dive watch, making it a great source of reference for collectors.

Released in a limited edition of just 500 copies, John Goldberger’s A Journey Into the Deep will be shipped to customers in a HODINKEE-branded box for an additional touch of class.

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