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Garmin Edge 1050 Cycling Computer

Garmin Edge 1050 Revolutionizes Cycling Tech

Cyclists can track their speed, distance, heart rate, and other vital metrics with pinpoint accuracy.

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Garmin has been leading the industry in high-performance smartwatches and other essential peripherals for outdoor pursuits, bringing the best technology to the table. This dedication to excellence and precision is fully present in the brand’s new Garmin Edge 1050 Cycling Computer, a groundbreaking addition to any committed cyclist’s riding gear.

Thanks to its built-in computer, the Garmin Edge 1050 Cycling Computer is packed with features to assist with everything from navigation and road hazards to health and fitness tracking. It also delivers seamless smart connectivity to assist with planning and customizing courses on the device without needing external tools or software.

All information and controls, from detailed performance statistics to maps and other features, are operated through a bright, clear full-color display. Riders can access quick alerts for hazards and maintain a consistent connection with other cyclists using the Groupride system.

With event-adaptive training, the Garmin Edge 1050 Cycling Computer has been designed for professionals and dedicated cyclists who want to focus on enhancing their training routines. This allows it to create personalized routes that are adaptive to the individual’s performance history and recovery rates.

Thanks to the built-in speaker, cyclists can enjoy the features of the Garmin Edge 1050 Cycling Computer without taking their attention off the road. Verbal workout and navigation prompts are coupled with an on-device bike bell to alert pedestrians.

Capable of up to 20 hours of battery life, extended to 60 hours in saver mode, the Garmin Edge 1050 Cycling Computer is the perfect accompaniment to fun group rides and solo trips into the great outdoors.

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