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Garmin Varia eRTL615 Radar Tail Light for eBikes

Garmin Unveils Its Newest Varia Safety eBike Tail Light

Helps detect approaching vehicles by providing both visual and audible alerts.

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The Garmin Varia series of bike radars have become an indispensable lifeline for safety-conscious and image-conscious bicyclists. For urban cyclists who have to contend with cars on busy streets, a radar can replace those old-fashioned handlebar mirrors.

The new Garmin Varia eRTL615 plugs into the most popular e-Bikes with no battery required. It can last as long as you do, making road, off-road, and trail riding safer. The Varia mounts to the back of your bike and broadcasts a radar signal behind you, so you can get visual and audible alerts when something’s overtaking you. Its radar offers up to 150 yards of range. The radar displays on the Varia app, most bike computers, or Garmin wearable devices for maximum versatility.

To connect Garmin’s new radar tail light to your e-bike, you’ll need to pick the right Garmin adapter cable (which isn’t included). The compatible Garmin USB-A connection means that no charging is needed, your radar is powered by your e-Bike’s power source. Its tail light has a full 1 mile of daytime visibility and a radar-driven flash pattern to make sure that drivers see you when they start to approach. when something’s overtaking you. While it lacks in the catchy name department, Varia eRTL615 Radar Tail Light’s utility more than makes up for it.

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