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New Line Of Blaupunkt e-Bikes Are Small Enough To Carry On Commuter Trains

Transportation you can store in a closet.

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$ 1,999

If the name Blaupunkt sounds familiar, it’s because it used to be synonymous with audio systems in German cars. However, now you’ll see the Blaupunkt name on a new range of foldable e-bikes. These e-bikes are designed with urban living in mind, weighing less than 50 pounds, and compact enough to carry on commuter trains.

The Blaupunkt e-bike is offered in three color variants: the Fiete, the Fiene, and the Henri. The foldable electric bicycle’s frame is a single cast piece made from magnesium and rolls on magnesium wheels wrapped in 20-inch tires. It features a small LCD panel on the left-hand side of the handlebar displaying vital information for the rider.

The Blaupunkt e-bike’s 36-volt brushless motor is integrated into the rear wheel. Moreover, the 10.5-amp battery pack is located on the bike’s forward frame spar and can be removed when the e-bike is folded.

A single lock-lever mechanism in the middle of the frame allows the e-bike to be folded together, leaving the seat post to be used as a handle like a rolling suitcase. According to Blaupunkt, the e-bike provides an estimated range of 44 miles and a rated top speed of 20 mph. It also offers three levels of pedal assist. Charging the e-bike from zero percent requires four to six hours and provides a max riding weight of 265 pounds.

The Blaupunkt e-bike aims to be an e-bike that’s as easy to transport as a suitcase. Small, compact, and capable, the Blaupunkt e-bike seems ideal for people who want transportation that can be stored in a closet.

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Blaupunkt e-Bike Range

$ 1,999
  • Battery: 10.5-amp
  • Motor: 36-volt
  • Top Speed: 20 mph
  • Max Range: 44 miles