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Land District Scrambler

New LAND District Scrambler Is A Light Off-Road e-Bike With Cafe Racer Chic

The District Scrambler e-Bike is ready to rock off-road or around the block.

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$ 7,800+

Cleveland, Ohio-based EV startup LAND unveiled a new Scrambler variant of its District e-bike model. This café racer-themed electric bike offers a minimalist design with light-duty off-road capability. It’s also compact with a 48-inch wheelbase and 33-inch seat height.  Under the rider, the LAND District Scrambler packs a 23-horsepower brushless motor fed by a swappable 72-volt battery pack producing a max torque of 258 lb.-ft. According to LAND, the e-bike’s battery pack offers an estimated max range of 120 miles per charge. Moreover, the battery pack is easy to swap. Simply lift up the seat, drop it in like a giant DD battery, and connect. LAND estimates charging time between 1.5 to 5.5 hours.

Riders select from four power modes that increase the LAND District Scrambler’s top speed. These four modes range from the entry eBike with a top speed of 27 mph to the Performance offering speeds of 70+ mph. It rides on 17-inch cast aluminum wheels wrapped in Shinko Golden Boy tires.

LAND offers the District Scrambler in two variants, strictly off-road and street-legal, but both can be fun on the trails. The primary significance is road-legal lightning. This Ohio eBike is now available online by LAND.

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Land District Scrambler

LAND District Scrambler

$ 7,800+
  • Battery: 72-volt
  • Power: 23 hp
  • Max Torque: 258 lb.-ft
  • Max Weight: 230 lbs.