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Buzzy Foldable E-Bike

Buzzy Fold Is A Foldable e-Bike Offering The Luxury Of Choice

Compact, contemporary, and customizable.

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$ 4,170+

Poland-based BuzzyBikes offers a foldable electric bike that offers customers premium performance in a personalized package. Designed to ride on the public roads and cycle paths of Europe, the Buzzy Foldable e-bike has a contemporary design with a color-matching frame and tire sidewall to ensure it stands out in traffic. Available with either a 36- or 48-volt powertrain with a 15- or 17.4-Ah battery from Silverfish. If you opt for the 48V battery, the max power output is rated at 835-Wh, and 540-Wh for the 36V with a 15-Ah battery. Battery life ranges from 60 to 75 miles. 

The Buzzy Foldable e-bike features include 20-inch integrated aluminum brushless wheels with a HUB motor from Bafang. Wrapped around the wheels are 80 mm wide tires to absorb the road’s bumps. This electric bike is also the only foldable e-bike to have 203 mm-sized disc hydraulic brakes. Meanwhile, the Suntour NCX seatpost suspension provides 50 mm of travel for added comfort to the rider.

As for the saddle, it’s designed explicitly for e-bikes by Selle Royal to “hold” the rider under acceleration. Lastly, the bike’s electric power meets the road through a carbon belt drive system, which smoother and more consistent performance than conventional chain and won’t rust. Its Pedal Assistance System uses sensors to activate the electric motor when the rider needs it automatically. Riders can use a lever and rely on the e-bike’s battery power.

At the time of this publication, all Buzzy e-bikes are available for pre-sale and include a two-year warranty on all electronic and mechanical components.

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Buzzy Foldable e-bike

$ 4,170+
  • Max Battery: 17.4-Ah
  • Max Voltage: 48V
  • Max Output: 835-Wh
  • Max Range: 75 miles