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Trek Madone Gen 8

Trek Bicycle Unleashes The New Ultimate Race Bike, The Madone Gen 8

More aero than a Gen 7 Madone and nearly as light as the Emonda.

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Trek’s comprehensive range of bikes and cycling accessories has placed them at the forefront of the hobby, with mountain, road, and electric bikes suitable for all budgets and levels of experience. The new Trek Madone Gen 8 race bike pushes its engineering prowess and innovative design to the limit to deliver the brand’s fastest and lightest superbike to date.

Combining the best of the Madone and Emonda bikes in a new design, the Trek Madone Gen 8 is lighter than the former while pushing speeds up to 77 seconds per hour faster than the latter. The launch, which came with high praise from Lidl-Trek racer Elisa Longo Borghini as “the only race bike I need,” marks the ultimate in featherweight biking thanks to its use of an entirely new approach to carbon construction and aero tube ergonomics.

Trek’s new 900 Series OCLV Carbon, made with 20% stronger fibers, is one factor behind this dramatic drop in weight, which doesn’t compromise the bike’s stiffness and resilience. At the same time, the new Full System Foil aero tube improves the bike’s airflow while also subtly altering the aesthetics and ergonomics for additional streamlined performance.

These new revolutionary components are complemented by another innovation from Trek, the IsoFlow technology, which improves the model’s aerodynamic performance while increasing vertical compliance by 80% compared to its previous model.

With a broader selection of road sizes to choose from, the Trek Madone Gen 8 bike represents a potential game-changer for the brand, and a high-performance option for amateur and professional cyclists alike.

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