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McLaren E-Bikes

McLaren Blazes Into The E-Bike Space With Four Inaugural Models

McLaren leverages its expertise in performance engineering to revolutionize urban mobility with its state-of-the-art e-bikes.

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McLaren’s reputation for manufacturing outstanding, high-performance supercars is unsurpassed. With a track record of revolutionary vehicles in F1 and on the roads, the new McLaren E-Bikes marshal this expertise in four limited-edition electric bikes inspired by its award-winning supercars, blending performance-focused engineering and the latest e-bike technology.

Designed by the team behind the McLaren Artura hybrid supercar, the McLaren E-Bikes collection presents four impressive models, including the Extreme 600, Extreme 250, Sport 600, and Sport 250. Each model is constructed from resilient carbon fiber frames and powered by next-generation electric systems for a truly high-end riding experience.

The company’s flagship entries are the McLaren Sport and Extreme 600, which it positions as the ultimate street-legal electric mountain bike. They have 852W of power in Race Mode and can reach a top speed of 20 miles per hour, delivering a genuinely exhilarating riding experience. They provide impressive torque with a high power-to-weight ratio, exceeding competitors’ comparable e-bikes.

This performance is enhanced thanks to the seamless power transmission via a 12-speed drivetrain, utilizing SRAM mechanical GX Eagle on the Sport models and SRAM electronic XX Eagle AXS on Extreme models. The Sport models have eco-energy conservation for lengthy rides, while the sport mode delivers additional power output for traversing rough terrain.

Opt for the McLaren Extreme 250 or 600; the full-suspension build allows for aggressive off-road performance with additional comfort delivered through the Pirelli tires. The full suite of power modes available in the Sport models, covering no motor assist, eco, trail, sport, and race, are also included in the Extreme models.

McLaren’s expertise also shines through with its unique digital display, which is designed to resemble its car displays and provide information to help riders achieve optimal performance. The user-friendly interface delivers a range of telemetry, with the LCD panel presenting the riding speed, range, and remaining battery life at a glance.

With limited availability and promising the best possible experience for on- and off-road riding, the McLaren E-Bikes collection is a fitting tribute to the brand’s commitment to excellence.

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