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Amalgam Collection The McLaren F1 LM

A Masterpiece In Miniature: McLaren’s F1 LM Gets The Amalgam Treatment

Built using original CAD designs developed from a scan of an original chassis LM3.

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Amalgam Collection’s ongoing series of accurate scale models has showcased the pinnacle of motorcar engineering over the decades. Exceptionally detailed and delivering a precise representation of the original cars, the collection reflects the high degree of craftsmanship that made these cars so iconic.

The latest edition, the Amalgam Collection The McLaren F1 LM, continues this theme, presenting a 1:18 scale model of a truly revolutionary F1 road car. Having previously released its scale model of McLaren’s 1992 F1, Amalgam Collection returns to the legendary manufacturer with a car designed to celebrate McLaren’s outstanding debut performance at Le Mans.

Capable of a top speed of 225mph, the original prototype established many new records for McLaren, with just five cars built for sale to mark the five drivers who succeeded at Le Mans. The Amalgam Collection model is presented in the vibrant papaya orange schemes that were originally intended as an homage to Bruce McLaren, emphasizing its place in motorsports history.

Hand-built by an experienced team and using the original CAD designs and a scan of the chassis for reference, the McLaren F1 LM is aimed squarely at enthusiasts. Constructed of thousands of parts and using the best available materials, it’s a scale model that brings together photo-etchings, CNC machined components, and castings.

The result is a highly detailed model that captures the intricacies and aesthetic splendor of one of McLaren’s most defining cars and accomplishments. Made in partnership with McLaren, the Amalgam Collection The McLaren F1 LM has gained the seal of approval from their engineering and design team.

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