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Amalgam Collection MERCEDES-BENZ SSKL

Amalgam Collection Debuts The MERCEDES-BENZ SSKL

As raced to victory by Rudolf Caracciola in the Mille Miglia in 1931.

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$ 22,890

The designers at Amalgam Collection have been deeply intertwined with the history of engineering since their inception, drawing inspiration from innovators including Isambard Kingdom Brunel and the Bristol Aeroplane Company. This experience and expertise have been brought to bear on a range of stunning and detailed scale models of some of the most iconic cars in the history of the automobile industry. Its latest scale mode, the Amalgam Collection MERCEDES-BENZ SSKL, is another fine example of the brand’s ability to capture every detail of a classic car with intense precision. 

Combining quality cast resins with CAD design and 3D printing, the MERCEDES-BENZ SSKL is a faithful rendition of the 1931 car raced by Rudolf Caracciola in the Mille Miglia. The 1:8 scale model, which measures 1’7” long, has been hand-built and assembled by Amalgam Collection’s experts using the best possible materials. With over 4500 hours of development time, this patience and dedication are evident at a single glance.

Each precisely engineered engine part reflects an accurate representation of the original car, enhanced through reference to the original drawings and archive photographs provided by Mercedes-Benz.

Additional details, including two spare wheels mounted on the rear and a luggage bag mounted on the side runner, reinforce the car’s place in history and on the dusty, winding roads of Italy. Limited to 99 pieces, the Amalgam Collection MERCEDES-BENZ SSKL represents the pinnacle of scale model classic cars, with a high price tag to match.

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