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Klipsch MCL-905 McLaren Limited Edition Performance Loudspeaker

Klipsch And McLaren Team Up For MCL-905 Home Speakers

Papaya never sounded so good.

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$ 16,000

Following the success of their earbud collab, McLaren and Klipsch have teamed back up to provide a new audio experience intended, as Klipsch puts it – to use 75 years of audio engineering mastery “to piss off the neighbors.” Given that the woofers are dual 15” K-45 fiber-composite cones that can reach down to 32Hz, it’s likely Klipsch will get its wish.

The MCL-905s are the first cinema-quality speaker Klipsch has adapted for home use, which aligns with both brands’ themes of pushing boundaries and innovation. The speaker uses Tractrix horn technology and a 3” titanium diaphragm to create its soundstage. Accurate coverage and faithful audio reproduction are driven by a custom-engineered steep-slope crossover that minimizes frequency bleed.

The McLaren detailing is obvious without being overbearing. The bracket holding the Tractrix horn is inspired by McLaren’s spoilers, while the speaker’s vinyl wrap features McLaren’s iconic papaya color, the #5 seal, and Bruce McLaren’s signature. The gray motorboard and grille are intended to give the speaker an industrial style suitable for any man cave or garage.

$16K puts a pair of these house-rattlers under your control, but as Klipsch is only making 25 pairs of the MLC-905’s, audiophiles seeking to earn the ire of their neighbors will need to move fast.

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