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Klipsch Cinema 1200

Introducing The Klipsch Cinema 1200

A home theater sound bar with wireless subwoofer, wireless surround speakers, and Dolby Atmos.

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$ 1,699

Klipsch has a new Cinema Series that offers a sound bar for nearly every budget and room size. And sitting right at the top of the lineup is the Cinema 1200 System. It delivers the expansive height effects of Dolby Atmos thanks to four up-firing drivers — a pair in the main bar and a pair in the surround speakers. Add the included wireless subwoofer into the mix, and users will have immersive surround sound without the need to run wires all over the room.

The Klipsch Cinema 1200 has 8K video passthrough with HDR support, so users can get rich sound and picture quality with simple HDMI connections — one from a 4K or 8K video source to the sound bar and then one from the sound bar to a TV. It also supports eARC (enhanced Audio Return Channel), so it can receive uncompromised audio signals — like Dolby Atmos — from an eARC-equipped TV. It is trivial to connect the sound bar from Klipsch to streaming video services as well as equipment that plays back DVDs, Blu-Ray discs, and radio stations. The Cinema 1200 also connects to music streaming services like Spotify. It works with virtual assistants such as Alexa and Google Assistant, so viewers can make adjustments from their seat on the couch.

Like the other bars in the series, the Klipsch Cinema 1200 has a low-profile design that will fit easily under your TV. But it is deep enough to include two 3-inch up-firing drivers. And at 4-1/2 feet wide, it is an excellent match for larger sets. The wireless subwoofer features a wood enclosure and a very hefty 12-inch down-firing driver to deliver deep bass. The bar’s wraparound grille cloth is bookended by Klipsch’s visually striking signature Tractrix® horn-loaded tweeters. The black wooden endcaps can be easily swapped with the included walnut pair to better match your decor.

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