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Sonos Ray

The Sonos Ray Upgrades Home Entertainment

The Ray is the least expensive and smallest soundbar in the company’s lineup.

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$ 279

The Sonos Ray is a discreet standalone soundbar that pumps not-so-discreet sound. The goal is to bring blockbuster sound to living rooms across the country and around the globe. Some of the best Hollywood sound engineers had a hand in fine-tuning the Ray’s crisp sound. The Sonos Ray soundbar is a single unit designed to fit into tight spaces. Even when tucked away in a TV stand, the Ray can project sound throughout the room via split waveguides. Trueplay tuning technology adjusts the sound to suit the acoustics of the surroundings. Guests will wonder where that perfectly balanced blockbuster sound is coming from.

Entertainment enthusiasts and gamers appreciate the Sonos Ray for its ease of use. It works with nearly any TV, and the existing remote can control the Ray’s sound. Setup is as easy as unboxing the soundbar, connecting the power, plugging the Sonos Ray into the TV, and downloading the Sonos app. This slim and stylish soundbar combines 21st-century sound with 21st-century technology. Turn the TV off and use the Ray to play podcasts, music, or audiobooks. Sound adjusts to suit anyone’s needs via the Sonos app. The Ray is available to preorder now and delivery is scheduled for June 7th.

Sonos has recently released its Roam SL, the brand’s most affordable speaker.