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Sonos Roam SL

Sonos Unveils Its Most Affordable Speaker With The Roam SL

The Roam SL features TruePlay tuning, a 10-hour battery life, IP67 dust and water resistance, and optional magnetic wireless charging.

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$ 159

The Sonos Roam is one of the most praised speakers currently available until its little sibling came along that is. The Sonos Roam SL promises to bring the same high-quality audio that Sonos is known for, and pack it in an even more compact and travel-friendly form. The acoustics of the Roam SL features two amplifiers, one tweeter, one mid-woofer, and plenty of other technical parts to play crystal-clear audio that is virtually as good as hearing something live.

What makes the Sonos Roam SL so special is the form that it bundles these acoustic components into. Measuring just 6.61-, 2.44-, 2.36-inches, the speaker is small enough to fit in a pocket even if you don’t wear cargo shorts, and it is the perfect shape for a backpack’s water bottle pocket. That water bottle pocket is a natural place to put your music speaker when hiking, too. For even more on-the-go convenience, the speaker automatically connects via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi — all you have to do is think of what to play. It also sounds perfect regardless of whether standing or lying lengthwise. Bring along the Sonos Roam SL in your pocket or bag, and you will have a concert at the ready no matter where you go.

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