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Sonos And IKEA Partner Again To Present The SYMFONISK Picture Frame Speaker

Available with a white or black frame and with different interchangeable fronts, so you can choose the style that suits you and your home.

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$ 199

Sonos and IKEA have teamed up in the past to create wireless speakers that look like pieces of furniture. In 2019, the companies launched the Sonos x IKEA SYMFONISK, a speaker series that included a table lamp with a squat speaker as its base and a smaller and thinner bookshelf speaker. Now, IKEA and Sonos have revealed their latest partnership in the SYMFONISK range of wireless speakers – The Sonos x IKEA SYMFONISK Picture Frame With Wi-Fi Speaker. This speaker is designed to seamlessly blend into your home, with interchangeable fronts that double as the speaker’s grille.

As one may gather from the name, the new Sonos x IKEA SYMFONISK speaker comes with Wi-Fi connectivity, as well as support for AirPlay 2. However, there is no Bluetooth support, so users won’t be able to simply stream music from a device unless hooked up to the home’s Wi-Fi network. Since all SYMFONISK speakers connect over Wi-Fi, listeners can create the system they want in their homes. Play a podcast in the bedroom while someone else listens to music in the living room, or group all your speakers to play music in sync. Listeners can group two or more SYMFONISK speakers together so they play the same content in sync and they can control the volume of individual speakers in the group.

Measuring 22 x 16 x 2 inches (H x W x D), the speaker will come in either black or white, with two different styles of artwork to choose from initially — with more to come in the future. Users can choose to hang it up or lean it against a wall; if you go for the latter option, there are removable rubber feet to prevent unwanted vibrations muddying the sound. Handily, these feet simply slot into a cavity at the back of the picture frame speaker when not in use. Sonos and IKEA will begin selling their new speaker starting July 15th.

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