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Louis Vuitton LV Nanogram Speaker

Introducing The Louis Vuitton LV Nanogram Speaker

The speaker gets its design cues from the Maison’s circular Toupie bag and weighs in at just over one pound.

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Few clothing brands have captured the essence of haute couture as distinctly as Louis Vuitton, the legendary French fashion house founded in the mid-nineteenth century. While best known for their clothing and accessories, they’ve recently branched out into portable technology with the Louis Vuitton LV Nanogram Speaker.

Designed to reflect the brand’s trailblazing history, the LV Nanogram Speaker draws inspiration from the Toupie bag’s iconic trunk detailing and yellow-stitched leather loop. Another classic Louis Vuitton product, the Maison trunk, informs the savoir-faire aesthetics of this ultra-stylish portable speaker.

Compact enough to fit snugly in a small handbag, the LV Nanogram Speaker features stunning details, debossed iconography, and the LV signature. Monogram flowers surround its perforated grill, with the lightweight design enhanced with a series of engraved steel studs. The result is a portable speaker that stands as a true fashion statement, reflecting the influence of Louis Vuitton’s Men’s Creative Director Pharrell Williams.

The audio performance of the LV Nanogram Speaker is as impressive as its design, blending comprehensive device pairing with a raft of technical functions. Despite its small size, it’s capable of crisp and vibrant sound quality with a well-rounded acoustic performance. Thanks to its removable hook, the LV Nanogram Speaker can be easily slung over the shoulder to listen to on the go.

Available in three colors, including copper, silver, and Damoflage, the Louis Vuitton LV Nanogram Speaker is a fittingly elegant accessory for music lovers.

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