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Nireeka Revenant Full-Suspension Trail eMountainbike

New Nireeka Revenant Mountain e-Bike Is Built For Speed In All-Terrains

A high-speed electric mountain bike with brakes to match.

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$ 2,558+

E-bike manufacturer Nireeka’s latest creation is a carbon fiber-bodied electric mountain bike dubbed the Revenant. It hosts a series of performance parts to help the rider turn, accelerate, and stop in all-terrain. In addition, Nireeka backs all its e-bikes and parts with a one-year or 1,600-mile warranty.

The secret to the Nireeka Revenant e-bike’s power is its 1000-watt, hub-mounted motor capable of producing 63 lb.-ft of torque to achieve a top speed of 35 mph. In addition to an 840-wH battery pack providing up to 50 miles of range. The Revenant features a robust suspension setup with a custom front fork, X-Fusion O2 rear shock, and a double-suspension frame geometry for improved handling over varying terrain. As a result, the Revenant provides 140mm of suspension travel at both front and rear.

Key safety features include ABS with embedded brake light. The Nireeka Revenant’s ABS uses speed sensors located on the front wheel to determine the rate of the wheel’s speed to prevent lock-up under braking. The brake light features a Gyro sensor to light up when the brakes are applied and stays illuminated during daytime riding. The Nireeka Revenant is available for order and comes in four colors. Moreover, Nireeka states it offers door delivery services in over 60 countries.

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: Nireeka Revenant Full-Suspension Trail eMountainbike

$ 2,558+
  • Battery: 840-wh
  • Torque: 63 lb.-ft
  • Range: 50 miles
  • Motor: 1000-watt