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The Brompton x CHPT3 v4 Folding Bike

New Brompton CHPT3 v4 Foldable Bike Is A Lightweight Urban Cycle

Vibration absorbing seat, compact, and designed for wet-weather riding.

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$ 3,200

British bicycle manufacturer Brompton and cycling apparel brand CHPT3 have collaborated on a new foldable urban bike called the v4. This practical and compact bike features design details focused on city commuting and is constructed from lightweight materials. In addition, the Brompton CHPT3 v4 foldable bike includes a limited edition Frame Pouch Bag.

The frame of the v4 is constructed using titanium and steel to improve the bike’s practicality. Brompton says the CHPT3 v4 is 3.3 pounds lighter than its predecessor, tipping the scales at just under 21 pounds. Moreover, the FizikTerra Argo saddle is gravel-specific and meant to absorb vibrations one may face while riding over the potentially cumbersome roads in the city.

Other features include drainage channels to improve the bike’s performance in wet-weather riding. At the rear, the Brompton CHPT3 v4 bike uses a Brompton 4-speed system controlled by a trigger shifter. Riders steer the bike using Ergon GE1 Evo Silm handlebar grips. Lastly, the bike will stand out in traffic stands to its high-shine Gloss Winter Sky paint with Fire Red and Aqua Teal accents.

As for the CHPT3 frame pouch bag, it continues the bike’s minimalist design aesthetic. It is made from abrasion-resistant Hypalon fabric designed to repel water. Useful for carrying spare bicycle tire tubes or tools when you’re out and about. This foldable bicycle is available now on Brompton’s website.

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