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Hydrow Vista Rower

Hydrow’s Vista Rower Delivers The Brand’s Most Immersive Workout Ever

Featuring a stunning 22-inch HD touchscreen display.

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$ 3,995

With the popularity of home gyms, the range of cutting-edge equipment continues to expand and incorporate the latest technological developments. A rowing machine is a ubiquitous feature of any self-respecting home gym setup, delivering a powerful cardio workout that enhances upper body and core strength.

The new Hydrow Vista Rower is set to deliver the most immersive rowing experience, presenting stunning footage through its 27″ curved QHD screen. It also allows for 180° screen rotation, taking the visual experience off the rower when transitioning to other workout routines. Likewise, the display offers a fully customized user interface that displays a wealth of helpful information, from the calories burned and distance rowed to the user’s current and average heart rate.

In addition to the striking display, the Hydrow Vista Rower can be paired with the integrated smartphone app for real-time metrics tracking to drive performance and motivation further. Users can celebrate their accomplishments through the Hydrow Badges system, connecting the app to popular fitness apps such as Strava and their Apple Watch.

The Hydrow Vista Rower also delivers near-silent performance even in the most challenging modes, with a patented electromagnetic drag system designed to minimize noise and disturbances. It’s all encased in a sleek, ergonomic frame and stylish design, with a comfortable seat and padded handles.

The Hydrow Vista Rower represents the next step in luxury home-based rowing machines. Its upgraded acoustics present crystal clear, bass-rich music from the front speakers, adding to the immersive experience.

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