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The Saga HoloBike Simulates Breathtaking Trail Rides In Life-Like 3D

The bike’s specialized display technology tricks your brain into thinking you’re actually riding outdoors.

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No home gym is complete without a good exercise bike, which delivers an instant cardio workout whenever it’s needed, regardless of inclement weather. While the Pelaton has made waves in the exercise bike industry in recent years, it looks set to become upstaged by the arrival of the new Saga HoloBike, recently launched on Kickstarter.

With its unique raised frame design and form-fitting seat and handles, the Saga HoloBike incorporates trailblazing engineering and artificial intelligence for next-generation home workouts. While exercise bikes have featured built-in screens for some time, the Saga HoloBike advances the design through AI-powered 4K images that offer endless scope for riding environments.

Programmed to leverage the neuroscience of optic flow, the Saga HoloBike’s screen uses adaptive 3D landscapes for an immersive riding experience, with crystal explicit renditions of forest trails and mountain tracks presented on a 4K display. The display’s overlay sheet of microlenses across its 27-inch surface brings these environments to life through an infrared depth sensor to create an authentic 3D experience.

The Saga HoloBike has an extensive library of locations out of the box, with everywhere from the Alps to the Outback accurately rendered as virtual rides and reconstructed from digital scans of actual trails. Thanks to its powerful computer processing, the Saga HoloBike can replicate the trail’s undulations, adapting the drivetrain belt to reflect gear shifts and hill climbs.

Fully adjustable to suit all rider heights and builds, the Saga HoloBike combines performance craftsmanship and cutting-edge AI technology for a new approach to home exercise bikes.

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