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Generate Clean, Useable, Electrical Energy By Working Out On The RE:GEN

A home workout bike that converts exercise into sustainable energy.

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$ 2,374

Energym is a precision-engineering, tech-focused start-up based in Birmingham, UK with a passion for fitness. This passion combined with a deep concern about the future of our planet is what fueled the development of RE:GEN an innovative new smart fitness bike that converts the energy a user spends working out into clean electricity. The RE:GEN harnesses a user’s energy and converts it into electrical power stored in a portable rechargeable battery dubbed the OHM. With the average workout typically generating between 170Wh and 230Wh, users can use this stored energy to charge phones, laptops, and even an e-bike! When training, the OHM transforms into a live power meter displaying a user’s personal FTP using a five-color LED system, pushing them to beat their personal goals.

The RE:GEN is engineered with a strong recycled steel alloy frame alongside ergonomically smooth eco plastic parts. Users can establish their optimal ride position with the tri-axis adjustability and soft, padded seat. Featuring a smooth soft-touch LED indicator, the RE:GEN also comes with textured rubberized grip pads for comfort while riding. Energym has partnered with Sweatcoin so that every time a workout is completed, users will earn a new type of currency called sweatcoins, which can be used to redeem goods and special offers from the Energym marketplace. Energym is currently crowdfunding on Indiegogo for its RE:GEN smart fitness bike, with shipping anticipated to begin in November of this year.

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