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Fitbit Luxe

Fitbit Drops Its New ‘Luxe’ Fitness Tracker

Using the Health Metrics dashboard in the Fitbit app, you can track changes which could be caused by increased stress or fatigue.

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$ 150

Fitbit is about to launch its newest fitness tracker, the Fitbit Luxe. As the thinnest tracker yet offered by Fitbit, the Luxe is specifically designed for comfort-wear, even encouraging users to sleep wearing the product. According to the fitness brand, the motivation behind the innovative design of the Fitbit Luxe is to provide a product for “a diverse range of wrist sizes and skin tones for 24/7 wear.” The Luxe boasts a charge that will last up to five days, which means users can sleep in it instead of charging it nightly, which is important because the Luxe also offers sleep metrics and stress tracking. In fact, while fitness is important, the impetus behind the creation of the Fitbit Luxe is holistic wellness. Its focus on stress and sleeping are more geared towards overall wellness than merely fitness and tracking capacities.

The Fitbit Luxe contains an optical heart rate sensor that allows for SPO2 blood oxygen readings. Standard exercise tracking relies upon Luxe’s 2-axis motion sensor. It can also connect to your phone to use its GPS for better exercise data. The chic Luxe design offers a wide range of band options. Choices include premium Horween leather bands, platinum, and gold stainless steel mesh, and a silicone print band. Preorders are now available and the Luxe will ship in late May. The purchase price includes six months of the Fitbit Premium Service, which is a value of $9.99/month.

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