Embr Wave Bracelet

Adjust Your Body Temperature With The Touch Of A Button

The Embr Wave Bracelet sends out a warming or cooling sensation, helping you stay comfortable without going to war over the thermostat.

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$ 299

Are you a hot sleeper? Or maybe you’re always cold and no amount of sweatshirts and blankets will keep you comfortable. If these hot or cold flashes strike while you’re at work, there isn’t a ton you can do. Plus, adjusting the thermostat is practically casus belli whether you’re at home or the office. Fortunately, the Embr Wave Bracelet lets you effectively regulate temperature by using a biometric sensor that responds to your body. The device allows you to adjust your body temperature with the simple tap of a button. It can then help provide a warming or cooling temperature right through your wrist. This sensation will then circulate through the rest of your body helping to cool your down or warm you up.

The wearable device comes in either a pink or white comfort band, or you can upgrade by ordering a black leather version. The flat portion of the bracelet will sit against the base of your wrist and, as it has just a single controllable button, is easy to adjust at a moment’s notice.