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Mictic Is A Wearable That Enables Users To Create Music With Movement

Mictic translates movement into musical tones and sound effects, effectively changing the way we interact with music.

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Mictic AG, a Zurich-based technology company, is launching a new XR wearable — an immersive instrument that is a musical tool perfect for artists of all skill levels. Integrating centuries of Swiss engineering into the digital era, Mictic wristbands translate arm movements and motions into instrument sounds like cello, drums, violin, acoustic guitar, and electric guitar and then into genre-based soundscapes like Hip Hop, Rock, Trap, Latin, and EDM.

Mictic has worked with major label artists and professional dancers within every genre to create this innovative and unique product. The Mictic wristbands contain sensors that detect even small movements and motions with supreme accuracy and precision. The sensors are then transferred to a smartphone via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). It even allows for sci-fi gaming experiences. Mictic AG CEO Mershad Javan said the following about their exciting product: “Mictic has harnessed Swiss ingenuity, design, and precision to create an incredible experience. Now it’s time to connect this technology with artists and influencers of L.A., and to build a base for our continued discussions with major tech partners.” The initial product launch will work only for iOS users, however, the Android version will follow soon after. This patent-pending tech is being funded via Kickstarter and will be shipped in the September timeframe.

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