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Fender Drops The New Chrissie Hynde Telecaster®

The Chrissie Hynde Telecaster® is the latest addition to the Fender Artist Signature Series.

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$ 1,400

Fender unveils the new Chrissie Hynde Telecaster®, a first-ever collaboration with the legendary Pretenders musician and bandleader. The new Signature model is based on Hynde’s beloved main guitar, an Ice Blue Metallic Fender Telecaster® that she purchased over 40 years ago in a New York City music shop. When announcing the guitar’s release, Hynde stated, “My guitar tech, David Crubly, convinced me to launch a Fender Signature Telecaster by telling me it might encourage more people to get into bands and music. I hope that’s true and know that those who do, won’t look back.” Many of the classic guitar tones heard on Pretenders’ classics from their first record through their most recent release were tracked using this Telecaster®.

According to Fender, the Chrissie Hynde Telecaster® boasts an alder body in Faded Ice Blue Metallic Road Worn™ lacquer finish, vintage-style ’50s single-coil Tele pickups voiced to match Chrissie’s original set and a 6-stainless steel barrel saddle bridge. With a custom mid-‘60s “C”-shaped maple neck, a 7.25” radius fingerboard, and a chrome mirror pickguard, the guitar serves the unmistakable look and feel of Hynde’s treasured ’65 Telecaster® model. Hynde also requested a player-friendly update — locking tuners, which offer increased tuning stability and make string changes quicker. Chrissie Hynde’s new Telecaster® will allow fans worldwide to embody the axe-playing prowess of The Pretenders’ leader for the very first time.

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