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Fender Player Jazzmaster In Candy Apple Red

Fender Player Jazzmaster In Candy Apple Red: The Epitome Of Style And Sound

With its flexible and authentic Fender tone, the Player Jazzmaster is a true musical inspiration that works seamlessly with any genre.

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$ 880

Fender has once again raised the bar with its latest release, the Fender Player Jazzmaster in Candy Apple Red. This guitar not only boasts a sleek and elegant style that catches the eye, but it also delivers a fat and thick sound that is truly one-of-a-kind. Whether you’re a musical visionary or a rebel at heart, the Player Jazzmaster is the ideal foundation for creating your own unique sound.

Crafted with an alder body and a glossy finish, this guitar exudes durability and power. The Player Series humbucking pickups, combined with the push/pull pot that coil-splits the pickups, provide a versatile and authentic Fender tone. With a “Modern C”-shaped neck profile and a 9.5″-radius fingerboard, the Jazzmaster offers both comfort and playability.

Designed to deliver that unmistakable Fender tone with a contemporary edge, the Player Series pickups strike the perfect balance between the past and the future. The vintage-style tremolo bridge allows for pitch effects ranging from subtle to radical, enabling you to add your personal touch to your music. The push/pull tone control unlocks classic single-coil sounds by selecting the outside coil of the humbucking bridge pickup.

With an additional fret, the highest D can be bent up to an E, expanding your musical possibilities to four octaves. Every Player Jazzmaster is hand-shaped to meet original specifications and comes with an “F”-stamped neck plate, showcasing its genuine Fender pedigree.

Priced at $880, the Fender Player Jazzmaster in Candy Apple Red is a true gem that combines style, versatility, and authenticity. Whether you’re a professional musician or an aspiring player, this guitar is ready to take you to new heights in your musical journey.

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