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Lava Me 3 Guitar

Lava Music Unveils Its Lightweight Smart Guitar, The Lava Me 3

Lava has upgraded the “Freeboost” body-shaking speaker on the Me 3.

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With a 3.5-inch touchscreen integrated into the guitar itself, Chinese company Lava Music has just released its Lava Me 3 Guitar. The built-in multi-touch display is integrated with the HILAVA operating system and a set of powerful guitar apps. This operating system is the world’s first smart guitar operating system developed by Lava Music. It is loaded with powerful guitar apps such as Effects, Loops, Practice, Tempo, Tuner, and Recorder that offer lightweight interaction and make creating guitar music with effects and loops super easy. The HILAVA operating system has built-in Bluetooth and Wi-Fi and supports cloud syncing services. This allows users to connect guitars to the internet and sync files easily across mobile phones and guitars.

The Lava Me 3 Guitar is built with AirSonic 2.0 material and a FreeBoost 2.0 actuator that are both upgraded from the Me 3s predecessor, the Lava Me 2. They work with the all-new Honeycomb structure and 4-MASS technology in the soundbox to produce enhanced acoustic sounds 20 percent deeper in bass and 30 percent longer in sustain. Lava Me 3 Guitar will be 100 percent full in around 6 hours of charging on the Space Charging Dock. After reaching 95 percent battery level in the first 5 hours, the charging circuits will go into protection mode and reduce current, requiring one more hour to make it 100 percent full. Available in six different colorways, the Lava Me 3 is available in both 36- and 38-inch sizes.

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