Love Hulten Slagwerk-101

Love Hulten Releases The 7-in-1 Slagwerk-101

With seven instruments in one drum machine, the Love Hulten Slagwerk-101 provides solo artists with an entire percussion ensemble.

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Achieving a powerful stage presence sets the tone of any performance. From legendary frontmen who stand front-and-center to solo artists who have every pair of eyes glued on them, artists set themselves apart with their image as much as they do with their music. Plenty of people can play the guitar, drums, or sing, but not everyone has the pure talent to grab hold of an audience and keep them craving more. With the Love Hulten Slagwerk-101, you have a setup that stands out and will instantly captivate any crowd.

The industrial aesthetic of this drum machine is part musical instrument/part mise-en-scène. Its tone-setting stage presence adds production value that transforms any performance. The Slagwerk-101 does this by encapsulating seven instruments inside of one machine. It puts three different drum configurations, two symbols, clapping hands, a tambourine, and a cowbell at your fingertips. Don’t need a cowbell? Who are you kidding? Everyone always needs more cowbell. When it’s connected to your computer or MIDI player you’ll have a full percussion section at your disposal. This gives any artist the resources they need to create their own unique vision.