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Fender American Acoustasonic Telecaster

Fender American Acoustasonic Telecaster

Transcending the possibilities of acoustic and electric guitars.

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$ 2,000

Part rock star and part shapeshifter, Fender’s latest creation transcends the possibilities of acoustic and electric guitars. The Fender American Acoustasonic Telecaster is an acoustic-electric masterpiece that blends, projects, and creates new sonic expressions in any setting, mimicking ten different combinations of wood tones and bodies. From electric ensembles on concert stages to acoustic solo sets in small studios, the Acoustasonic Telecaster always delivers powerful, resonant, and warm sounds. That’s thanks in part to a patent-pending resonance system, one of many electronic touches that were created exclusively for this guitar.

Of course, making it purr feels good too. Play comfortably for hours with its ebony fingerboard, mahogany Telecaster neck, and contoured forearm. If you want to get creative and create different sound combinations, use the cutting-edge Mod Knob to select and blend acoustic and electric voices. No matter the genre, this highly anticipated instrument will take your music to a customizable new level.